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Some Ceramics and Paintings

by Wendy Barber on May 22, 2011, one comment


Last week I  popped in to see my daughter Harriet Barber, whose house as well as studio is full of her vibrant painting. Paintings come and go and there is always a different selection.

Harriet started her Rive Stour series way back when she was a young teenager when we lived at Charlton Cottage which was very close to the Stour and has continued paint this lovely river to this day. One of the most recent is propped up in the kitchen and I was interested by the juxtaposition of some of our stoneware platters lying around close to the painting

Hinchcliffe and Barber Plates in front of River Stour by Harriet Barber.

Recently I have been asked who designed and painted the plates? who designed and painted the ranges etc? John Hinchcliffe, a graduate of RCA, was an immensley gifted and important designer/craftstsman in the English Tradition and I am a painter,classically trained at the Slade ( incidently Harriet was also trained at the Slade). and together John and I evolved a style for our ceramics.  John was the driving force of Hinchcliffe and Barber but very early on in our partnership we decided to brand all the work Hinchcliffe and Barber.


Hinchcliffe and Barber stoneware platter decorated at Dartington by Hinchcliffe and Barber



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