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Rosie’s dresser

by Wendy Barber on May 3, 2011, no comments

Rosie’s  fresh and organised dresser has a very interesting selection of Hinchcliffe and Barber ceramics spanning many periods and studios.

There are examples in the shot above of  Carousel, Dorset Delft, Devon Farm, Tulip, Mediterranean flower and many others but I will talk about the Zoo platter first.

We designed the Zoo range in The late 1980’s  and licensed the production to Saville Pottery This developed from our studio zoo plates, an example of which I came across in Annette’s collection last month amusingly displayed near a blow up reindeer.

And a closer look.

This range was supported by our plain black range of shapes made for us by Honiton pottery when the pottery was behind the premises on the high St.

This detail shows our Mallard, which was one of the Sixpenny Handly studio designs. There were several species of duck in this range including the Loon, so popular with out Canadian friends.

Just showing is a Steeplechase  bowl which we developed for a promotion of hunting, shooting and fishing in Harvey Nicholls. John preferred to use the steeplechase rather than the hunt, this was one of our most popular designs for years but very tricky to decorate.

This Cock and Hen platter was made in the French studio where unsurprisingly we couldn’t make enough cockeral platters.

The Pear ( part of our Orchard range)  was developed later in the Connegar studio      (1997-2003) and we have jugs and bowls available now in this design.

Thank you, Rosie for this wander  around some of the Hinchcliffe and Barber ceramics on your dresser.  I like the Masons ironstone game platter and other supporting ceramics too.

More information about the studios can be found in Simon Olding’s book. John Hinchcliffe. available from The Craft Study Centre.



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