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Dyrham Park

by Georgia Hinchcliffe on July 10, 2015, one comment

It’s not often that I have a really good excuse for not having had the time to do something but we had our first child on May 2nd – born in the RUH in Bath. We’re absolutely delighted by her! Wendy becomes a grandmother for the 10th time but sadly of course my father didn’t get to meet his granddaughter. But I can already see some of him in her…as well as a lot of her own father but as yet, very little of me!

Excuses made, I want to share some photos of my lovely walk through the parkland and gardens of 17th Century Dyrham Park.

Although the building itself is undergoing pretty major conservation works (it’s completely covered in scaffolding) to replace its leaking roof, I was still struck by the splendour of the estate. With the imposing grandeur of the house hidden by a white scaffold tent, my focus was drawn to the landscape – the views across towards Bristol, the undulating parkland, woodland and the mix of wild meadow and traditional formal gardens. A particularly loved the cut grass paths through the longer grass (reminiscent of my childhood when my father used to do this in our orchards in both Normandy and Dorset).

I sat feeding the baby for a time at Old Lodge, a lovely sheltered collection of old farm buildings complete with chariots and vegetable plots (with pretty bunting flapping in the wind). I loved the old metal sign in one of the barns advertising Knight Frank’s sale of the estate for £11,641- it must have been a long time ago…

I always love visiting the church – set beautifully in the valley nestled next to the main building itself.

After strolling back up the hill to the carpark (having had my tea and flapjack) and having bought a postcard book on tile designs (full of some real gems particularly of Dyrham’s own delftware collection) I left Dyrham feeling revived and relaxed – I really very thankful that we have organisations like the National Trust preserving these great houses in their magical settings for us all to enjoy.

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One thought on “Dyrham Park

  1. Georgia, what a lovely blog and reminder of Dyrham. I have wandered round those same places with great pleasure……Did you see the deer? Your last photos of Saskia were much enjoyed. I trust all goes very well…..And have a super time in Normandy….Love to all, Ros.

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